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why do children fail to reach their genetic height potential ? Height Increase medicine dr monga clinic ayurgrow

why do children fail to reach their genetic height potential ?

1. Genetic Connection:

   - Genetic Factors and Growth: Genetics play a crucial role in determining a child's height potential. The interplay of genes from both parents influences the range of potential heights.

   - Constitutional Delay, Familial Short Syndrome, and Conditions like Turner Syndrome: Constitutional delay refers to a temporary lag in physical development. Familial Short Syndrome suggests a familial tendency towards shorter stature. Turner Syndrome is a genetic condition affecting females, often resulting in shorter height.

   - Achondroplasia: A genetic disorder leading to improper development of arm and leg bones, commonly causing dwarfism.

2. Factors Affecting Growth:

   - Health Conditions Affecting Growth:

     - Endocrine Factors (Hypoparathyroidism, Cushing Syndrome, Growth Hormone Deficiency): Disorders affecting hormonal balance can impact growth.

     - Systemic Diseases (Celiac Disease, IBD, CF, CHD, Renal Disease): Chronic diseases affecting digestion and overall health can interfere with growth.

   - Environmental Influences:

     - Pollution: Urban pollution can expose children to substances harmful to growth.

     - Child Abuse: Trauma from abuse can have lasting effects on physical and mental well-being.

     - Overuse of Glucocorticoids: Prolonged use of these medications can lead to growth issues.

3. Importance of Timely Intervention:

   - Recognizing Signs Early: Vigilance for deviations from typical growth patterns is crucial.

   - Medical Assessment and Treatment: Timely medical assessment and personalized treatment plans are essential.

   - Holistic Approach at Dr. Monga Clinic: Dr. Monga Clinic adopts a holistic approach, considering medical, lifestyle, nutritional, and Ayurvedic aspects.

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Height Increase medicine dr monga clinic ayurgrow

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