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Our Journey

The founder and, our inspiration

Dr. Monga Ram Parkash Arora

Dr. Ram Parkash Monga most commonly known as dr.Monga was great humanitarian, socialist, believer of all religious faiths and believes. He had dedicated his life in spreading the message of the ancient known healer of mankind- The Ayurveda.

The journey of dr. monga began way back in 1954. When he took a decision to realize his uncle’s dream whose untimely death within 4 years of inception of Dr. Monga pharmacy in 1950 in Amritsar. Vidya Kishan Chand ( who did his vedic studies at International Pioneer Medical Collage Lahore, university of Punjab in year 1946) since then dr. monga had not looked back and had been playing a pivotal role in carrying on the legacy of practicing ayurveda.

His commitment to ayurveda also reflected in his intense love for Sanskrit and hindi/ devanagri language. The legendary signature of dr. Monga in hindi itself speaks of his passion and love of hindi language. Hindi remains the frontline communication language at dr. monga clinic.

We are pioneer in ayurvedic treatments since last 64 glourious years. Since 1950 Dr. Monga ayurvedic clinic Amritsar is changing life of mamy people in amritsar as well other parts of India with their time tested, authentic and satisfactory treatments of ailments.

Although many disorders are very common and various treatments options are available in various systems of medicine, getting full relief and managing them satisfactory still remains a challenge but with the help of ayurveda, we aim to restore faith of new generation in the goodness of Ayurveda.

According to Ayurveda every human body is different from another. So although a sickness may look same in two different individuals. But their causes, symptoms and treatment for that ailment may differ. According to ayurveda human bodies react to a treatment as per their prakriti (body type) and hence we at dr. monga clinic prescribe our treatments to an individual after thoroughly understanding his/ her prakriti.

It is because of guidance and motivation by Dr. Monga Ram Parkash Arora that dr. Monga ayurvedic clinic has stood the tests of times, and is offering benefits of this great science to you and soon would be offering online tele consultation facility. Our doctors will be available for consulting through this website . Monga Ayurvedic clinic Amritsar continues the work after sudden death of Dr Ram Parkash Monga ,following his footsteps and expanding our reach.

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