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Our Journey

The founder and, our inspiration

Dr. Monga Ram Parkash Arora

Dr. Ram Parkash Monga most commonly known as dr.Monga was great humanitarian, socialist, believer of all religious faiths and believes. He had dedicated his life in spreading the message of the ancient known healer of mankind- The Ayurveda.

The journey of dr. Monga began way back in 1954. When he took a decision to realize his uncle’s dream whose untimely death within 4 years of inception of Dr. Monga pharmacy in 1950 in Amritsar.

Since YEAR FOUNDED, Our mission has been to help and empower Our patients to overcome their most challenging obstacles and start living happier and healthier lifestyles. Our extensive experience means that we are fully equipped to guide, support and assist you in building the life you clearly deserve. 

At Dr Monga Clinic we have certified  Consultants,  who aim to create a life balance that prioritizes your well-being and celebrates all aspects of your true self. It’s time to start nurturing your body and soul again—embrace the health!